Intelligent Vulnerability Assessments

Up your vulnerability assessment game by having Active Accreditation use your organization’s tailored risk parameters to provide targeted remediation prioritization. AA automates the assessment of vulnerabilities enabling your IT department rapidly understand how to move out with acting on vulnerabilities in a methodical manner.

Active Engine

Active Mitigation


Active Impact

Active Aggregation

Supporting consistent, well-informed, and ongoing security authorization decisions

Active Assessment combines the power of AA’s Active Engine, Active Mitigation, Active Impact and Overwatch modules into a powerful cyber threat intelligence platform that providing an organization the ability to defend networks by automating the prioritization of vulnerability remediation based upon the importance of and the protection afforded each device while keeping all stakeholders informed though responsive analytics and reporting.



AA demonstrates the organizations true security posture by aggregating the threat data from a variety of disparate network scanning tools into a single risk assessment.


AA exposes vulnerability data latency and provides up-to-date risk analytics enabling quicker recovery from threats, minimizing potential for data or information lose.


AA enforces organization risk governance and standards providing a singular perspective of security posture facilitating more rapid response and resource optimization.


AA provides objective risk analytics and remediation priorities removing subjective and variable assessment risk scoring across the organization and among sys admins.


AA exhibits threat intelligence vertically and horizontally enabling organizational and role-based segmentation for pinpoint identification of impacted devices and compromised systems.


AA enables scenario-based analysis demonstrating the changing priorities and risk posture if remediation activities are delayed or hindered.

Pricing plan

Active Accreditation Limited Trial

30 Day Limited Trial
1 User
Maximum 5 Devices

Active Accreditation Monthly Subscription

$5 per user
up to 1500 Devices
$5.95 per device per month

Our Company

Active Accreditation is the brainchild of Dwayne Green, a former Manager of the Department of Navy’s data center. Dwayne, and his partners Holly Smith and Hazel Wiggington, have spent the last several years providing cybersecurity solutions and services to commercial and government organizations. Active Accreditation was the result of several days of lengthy discussions regarding the inability of cyber departments to efficiently and effectively continuously monitor networks and devices for threats and to expeditiously remediate identified vulnerabilities. On the back of a napkin over lunch Active Accreditation was conceived. Dwayne, Holly and Hazel are excited about the opportunity to provide organizations with the ability to react to threats more quickly and with confidence.