Release Notes

AA is regularly making updates, fixing bugs, adding integrations, releasing new features, and making behind-the-scenes improvements. Use the link below to see recent updates:

Release Version 2.0.0

Active Accreditation 2.0 transforms cybersecurity with a secure, multi-tenant SaaS platform that easily scales to meet any data security requirement. It offers a nuanced view of your network's vulnerabilities, prioritizing them based on your unique environment. With real-time adaptation to new vulnerabilities and updated guidance, it significantly bolsters your cybersecurity posture, ensuring a proactive and fortified defense without the administrative overhead.

  • New Dashboard Interface: Introducing a revamped and more intuitive dashboard for easier navigation.
  • New Enhanced Import Microservice to support unlimited scale: Introducing a new and improved import engine that can support your organization's workload no matter how large.
  • New Secure MultiTenant SAAS: The new application can accomodate any configuration to support your specific needs.
  • Improved Security Measures: Implementation of advanced encryption for data protection.
  • New Feature: Password Reset.
  • New Feature: Time based authentication codes.
  • New Feature: Forgot Password.
  • New Feature: Functional Organizational Unit Hierarchy.
  • Performance Enhancements: Faster load times and more responsive user interactions.
  • Enhancement: Firebase Notifications
  • Other Security Updates: Regular security updates to ensure system integrity and user data protection.