Help Center: Manual Reviews

Manual reviews are date triggered events that cause an escalation in the system in the form of an overwatch alert. Overwatch alerts are visible on the Active Monitoring screen and also apply to the overall score and sort order of your records on the Active Monitoring Page.

Some use cases for manual reviews are:

  • Regular Compliance Checks: Schedule manual reviews at regular intervals (e.g., quarterly or annually) to ensure that the organization's devices remain compliant with the latest industry standards and regulations. This is particularly important in rapidly evolving sectors like healthcare or finance.
  • After Major Updates or Changes: Trigger manual reviews whenever there is a significant update or change in the organization's systems or policies. For example, if new software is deployed on devices or if there is a major organizational change, a manual review can assess the impact on device security and compliance.
  • In Response to Security Incidents: If there is a security breach or a suspected vulnerability in the organization’s system, a manual review can help determine if there needs to be an escalation in the risk level of the devices involved. This can lead to more stringent monitoring or additional security measures.
  • When Onboarding New Devices or Technologies: Whenever new devices or technologies are introduced into the organization, a manual review can assess their compliance and security standards before they are fully integrated into the existing system.
  • During Audits or External Reviews: Coordinate manual reviews with external audits or reviews to provide a comprehensive assessment of the organization's device security and compliance. This can help identify areas that may need improvement or additional oversight.
  • Following Industry Alerts or Advisories: In the event of industry-wide alerts or advisories about potential vulnerabilities or threats, manual reviews can help determine if the organization’s devices are at risk and if the risk level should be escalated.
  • Before and After Mergers or Acquisitions: Conduct manual reviews before finalizing mergers or acquisitions to assess the risk level of new devices being brought into the organization. A follow-up review after the merger or acquisition can ensure smooth integration and consistent compliance standards.

Another technique that can be used for Manual Reviews is to use it for Manual escalations by selecting dates in the past.