Help Center: Devices

The Devices page shows you each of your devices which are provisioned by IP address from your scans.

Active Accreditation currently requires that you have statically assigned IP addresses on all devices that will be in the system. The reason for this is that devices are detected based on IP address.

For loading devices into the system, you have 2 options:

  1. Preload your devices into the system from an IP cutsheet of all your devices.
  2. Import your files and edit each device to provide details and assign to a system.

When creating or editing a device, you must assign the device to a system. For more information about systems. All other parameters are optional. Do not change the IP address of a device. Active Accreditation separates devices by IP address so if another device takes over that IP address, it will inherit all of the existing records for that IP as well. The easiest way to avoid dealing with that is to keep the IP addresses static and consistent.