Help Center: Basics


  1. To get started you will want to build out your Organization's hierarchy first. Head to Organization tree under Administration and input your units and systems. For more information check out our Administration page that explains in detail.

  2. Next you'll want to get your IP cutsheet of Devices on your network and start adding those devices to the Devices page.

  3. The next thing you'll want to do is create the users that will need access to Active Accreditation and assign them to the appropriate units.

  4. Drag and drop your data to begin import.

After that is done, you should see your data being imported in a matter of minutes and you're ready to rock and roll.

The Active Monitoring screen will show you the records for deeper analysis. Consult our documentation on more Advanced usage.

User Setup Guide

What does AA require from me?

You will use your current vulnerability scanning software if your organization uses Tenable Nessus. If you need to purchase, you can do so through Tenable's website or through a 3rd party partner distributor. Once the software is obtained, you should review their documentation for proper use. For Active Accreditation, you want to be sure that you're doing a credentialed scan (link to credentialed scan under implementation guide) and not uncredentialed.

To purchase the software, click the "Buy Now" button on the website. That will take you to our setup flow and ask for your credit card. The first step of the flow is you will have to log in. This is your Account for the website only, it is used to manage organizations and payments externally from the application. The second step, you will be asked to provide a name for your Organization. This should represent the top of your Organization Tree. After that, you will be asked for payment. A single user account can purchase and Administer multiple Organizations.

Once you finish that, you will receive an email that your organization has been set up and it will provide you with an initial password that is generated randomly. You will need to change your password after logging into Active Accreditation under your new Organization.

Now you are in the system. Next, you should check out the Implementation guide so you can get a picture of what you should do now to utilize the product.

Implementation Guide

Documentation for Implementing and Integrating Active Accreditation

This section of documentation is meant to provide a clear and comprehensive set of information that will assist you in effectively implementing and integrating Active Accreditation into your process.

System Requirements

Any desktop PC should allow you to access all features of Active Accreditation. It is recommended to use a browser that is based on Chromium such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Brave, or Opera. You will need to enable notifications in the browser.

Note – if your browser is not listed please research how to enable notifications in that browser.

Active Accreditation's current primary data point is Tenable Nessus. First, you should make sure that you have a working copy of Nessus that you can use to complete the scans.

After you complete the steps for Quick Start, you can become acquainted with some of the more advanced features.

Manual Reviews

Manual reviews are a critical component of the Active Accreditation process. They are specialized, date-driven evaluations applied to an organization’s devices and systems to ensure ongoing compliance and security. Unlike automated assessments, manual reviews provide a detailed, human-led examination of the organization's adherence to established standards and policies.